How something so silly as sitting in bubblegum became a 💞movement.💞

So people who know my oldest daughter know that she is a outgoing silly child! Ryleigh is 15 and a sophomore in high school. She is a very pretty girl and just like most teenagers, tends to worry about her appearance. Well yesterday she told me the most amazing story. She didn’t realize what a big deal it was until after she had told me and I explained to her what just happened. 

She was in one of her early classes at school and had apparently sat in some bubblegum and mortified she went to the teacher and tried to get the gum off. She was so upset and embarrassed because she would now have to walk around the rest of the day. The teacher said don’t worry about it, and let’s put some tape on it and then it won’t look so bad. She asked if anyone else cared to wear tape on them to make Ryleigh feel better about wearing it around school all day! 

Well… Over half the class did the same thing! Then apparently it spread like wild fire and some of her other friends picked up on it. Then her whole school softball team wore the tape on them. Ryleigh then went from having what could have been an embarrassing and miserable day hiding to a totally awesome day! All because of accidentally sitting in a wad of bubble gum. My daughter came home in the best mood I’ve seen in awhile and felt more loved and appreciated by her peers than she has ever felt!

The point being, everyone that was in that class learned and took something with them from this wonderful teacher yesterday! This is how a simple single act of kindness and compassion turns into a movement. In an age where bullying is so bad for our children. This is an example of love being given and this is what suppresses kids insecurities. It’s definitely the right kind of movement to be teaching our children. 

This is what turns little things into huge things. It’s hard enough making sure our kids get taught well academically, but for a teacher to go outside her role and beyond is almost unheard of nowadays. Ryleigh could have had a horrible day but bc this teacher had compassion she taught a simple act of love to a bunch of high schoolers and showed them what paying it forward can do! 💞


1 thought on “How something so silly as sitting in bubblegum became a 💞movement.💞

  1. Love this cuz!!! Ry is such a sweet girl! Love yall!


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