THC Free (non psychoactive) Go Green Hemp Premium CBD Oil Drops Peppermint flavor

Go Green Hemp products is a family owned business started in 2016. What’s great about this product and spoke to me is how affordable their product is compared to others out on the market. Their products are made from pure hemp extract in Colorado, US. Which is extremely important to me because of some products out on the market from China use formaldehyde. All of their products have been 3rd party tested and non GMO and all THC free. They offer a wide range of products including gummies, salves, wax, and even dog chews. They offer coupons to make this product even more affordable and with their helping hand program are able to offer discounts to veterans and also to those who suffer long term disabilities.

There are many health benefits that some people in our society has began to realize. I happen to live in the state of Alabama and our area is very slow to progress. THC free CBD oil is now legal in all 50 states. It can be used for many ailments and a variety of different things from building our immunity, to helping cope with anxiety, mood disorders, addictions, and can also be used as a natural sleep aid alternative. I did quite a bit of extensive research on CBD from various places and here is a list I have compiled of scientifically proven benefits.

  • Acne
  • Anxiety, PTSD, and depression
  • Mood disorders
  • Pain and inflammation such as arthritis
  • Helps fight cancer
  • Relieves nausea
  • Treat seizures
  • Strokes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Reduces incidence of diabetes
  • Promotes Cardiovascular health
  • Natural Sleep aide
  • Help addictions such as smoking and opioid abuse
  • Protects and boost your immune system
  • Balances the metabolism

There are some mild side affects associated with CBD as with anything you take. I haven’t experienced any yet. As with anything always be sure to do your own research and ask your physician when looking to purchase any kind of products to aide in your health.

The product I tried was the 250mg Premium CBD oil Drops in the peppermint flavor. They have a variety of different flavors and milligrams to choose from. I chose the Peppermint because I had tasted it from another company previously. The website was easy to maneuver through and shipping was super fast. I received the product within a few short days. The packaging was impressive with highlighted points, directions and facts where needed. I used this product to boost my immunity and to treat anxiety. Also they are currently offering this promo!

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In closing I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an alternative healthier way to treat themselves. The biggest bonus that I see with the product is the price for the quality of product. I have also attached another photo of the packaging for you to see below.


Sardia clogged pores begone clearing mask.

Sardia skin care products were created by a lady whom grew up in Jamaica with her grandmother and aunt. Growing up she watched them make their own coconut oil from scratch and then at night they would rub themselves down from head to toe with the oil. As a result the women in her family always had the most beautiful skin. When she got older her obsession for beautiful skin fueled her passion so she began to incorporate what she learnt with the latest technology and created her own line of natural and organic skin care products to share the beauty and wisdom of Jamaica with you.

The website was super easy to maneuver through with lots of product info on detail description. Mind you, I am very proud to say this product is free of :

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Artificial Colors and Fragrances
  • This product is also cruelty free.

Directions are to apply to your face and then wait 20 minutes before rinsing. It should also be noted that you can also use for spot treatment as well. It does have a big warning label on sensitivity to sunlight.

How did our facials go? Let me just say this product was a winner for both myself and my 16 year old daughter Ryleigh. My daughter is very active in softball and works out almost daily. She has problems with the perspiration breaking out and irritating her face. We are always eager to try anything healthy to help her skin. After her first rinse and a towel pat dry her face felt softer, smoother, less blotchy and pores were not near as visible as prior to using. It also appeared to calm down any irritation or flushing she had. Almost immediately her skin started to appear to heal and began clearing overnight. She also noticed her face appeared less oily than usual. On the 2nd night of use the acne almost diminished completely by the next morning! Ryleigh loved this product and like myself knows the importance of healthier choices for your skin.

Now onto my facial. It had a very cool and calming chamomile and eucalyptus fragrance. It went on very quick and smoothly. Once it started drying, I could feel my face tightening. I rinsed with water, wiped lightly with a hand towel, and blotted dry. My face felt baby soft. Absolutely no redness, also my skin felt tight and rejuvenated. My pores were noticeably smaller and less prominent and no flakey or dry skin.My makeup went on a lot smoother and my face felt younger. As a 37 year old single mom with two girls, anything that makes me feel better and look younger is definitely a positive!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to find a healthier natural alternative to put on their skin and more importantly their own child’s. We are very happy with this products and I’m look forward to trying more products from Sardia.

Does Humanity Realize it’s Really Destroying Itself?


Do we really understand that we aren’t getting the full story on what’s going on in the world? What if we are being programmed to only focus on what is on the news with politics, religion, race and sexuality for a greater purpose in promoting and creating chaos. 

What we as a society should be realizing:

  • We are being forced to divide as a tool for control.
  • That we are in a desperate need for change from decades of corruption and brainwashing.
  • That we all need to be free thinkers and truth searching. 
  • That we should teach love and compassion even more to one another when times are tough.
  • That we are no better than the rich guy working on wall street to the homeless guy digging in the trash can for food. 
  • What if we realized that the gay guy sitting in church was a better human being than the preacher leading prayer on Sunday’s.
  • That we are all God’s children and that we have the ability to be what we want no matter color, political stance or sexual preference. After all, whom are we to judge what we are not.
  • That our Earth is slowly deteriorating from thousands and thousands of years of abuse and that our grandchildren may not get to live a full healthy human life span.
  • That the things we put into our bodies are causing sickness, diseases and Cancers because they weren’t meant for us to ingest. 
  • Organic products are no longer quality grade because we are destroying and abusing nutrients in our soil that now we aren’t getting those proper vitamins and nutrients to fight these toxins. 

What if we worked harder on keeping our planet alive so we as a human race can survive. There is so much to discover, so much more research that can be done to create and sustain our planet. Stuff hidden in our plain sight that we won’t seek because we truly believe what someone else tells us instead of taking a stand and finding things out for yourself. 

What if we took all the bad things going on in this world and instead of complaining about it and doing nothing…we suddenly refocused our attention on giving back with love and compassion to this miracle planet we rotate around on and everything living on it. 

The Journey of Self

I haven’t posted in several months now. I’ve been busy transforming and understanding my purpose, my path, and what I’m here to do. I’ve had the most amazing experiences since I awoken back in August of 2016 and to be honest as scary and life changing as it’s been for me it’s been more fulfilling than anything I could have ever imagined. I’ve lost friends. I’ve lost relationships. I lost careers that didn’t fit my life purpose. I’ve lost materialistic attachments. But OH my gosh what I’ve gained is SO much more than I’ve ever asked for! Through my losses I have gained myself! 

I know why I’m here. I know what I’m supposed to do finally at 37 years old. I am learning things that most people take for granted in life or never really find. SELF-LOVE and why it’s so important. I see so many people struggle with the same things that I have. Most of them are repeated patterns of self projection and insecurities that they take in internally which project outwardly into other people in the form of blame and guilt. 

We all have the power to shake up and transform our lives. We all have the power to create anything we want in this world it’s a GOD given birth right and most people forget that as humans we feel the need to restrict ourselves when we are afraid of things or people whom we don’t understand. I’ve learnt to embrace fear as a tool to learn personal growth. If we don’t embrace what we fear how will we ever understand who we are! 

I have 2 very precious little girls that I now have the opportunity to show them they can do anything they want to do and be anyone they want to be. I support their passions and encourage their talents.  I show them it’s ok to be authentic and special. These “types” are the ones whom live their dream life. They are the ones who give love to others and through good intentions and acts of service we have to ability to connect and help others transform theirselves.

No, I’m not living my dream life yet…Although, what I can tell you is simply this that the universe keeps throwing opportunities and people in my path that I would have never imagined happening just a few short years ago. It’s humbling, it’s exciting, and I’m very grateful to have been made beautifully broken. 

How something so silly as sitting in bubblegum became a 💞movement.💞

So people who know my oldest daughter know that she is a outgoing silly child! Ryleigh is 15 and a sophomore in high school. She is a very pretty girl and just like most teenagers, tends to worry about her appearance. Well yesterday she told me the most amazing story. She didn’t realize what a big deal it was until after she had told me and I explained to her what just happened. 

She was in one of her early classes at school and had apparently sat in some bubblegum and mortified she went to the teacher and tried to get the gum off. She was so upset and embarrassed because she would now have to walk around the rest of the day. The teacher said don’t worry about it, and let’s put some tape on it and then it won’t look so bad. She asked if anyone else cared to wear tape on them to make Ryleigh feel better about wearing it around school all day! 

Well… Over half the class did the same thing! Then apparently it spread like wild fire and some of her other friends picked up on it. Then her whole school softball team wore the tape on them. Ryleigh then went from having what could have been an embarrassing and miserable day hiding to a totally awesome day! All because of accidentally sitting in a wad of bubble gum. My daughter came home in the best mood I’ve seen in awhile and felt more loved and appreciated by her peers than she has ever felt!

The point being, everyone that was in that class learned and took something with them from this wonderful teacher yesterday! This is how a simple single act of kindness and compassion turns into a movement. In an age where bullying is so bad for our children. This is an example of love being given and this is what suppresses kids insecurities. It’s definitely the right kind of movement to be teaching our children. 

This is what turns little things into huge things. It’s hard enough making sure our kids get taught well academically, but for a teacher to go outside her role and beyond is almost unheard of nowadays. Ryleigh could have had a horrible day but bc this teacher had compassion she taught a simple act of love to a bunch of high schoolers and showed them what paying it forward can do! 💞

February 26th 🔥”Ring of fire”🔥 burst forward with a New Moon in the water element and creative Pisces !♓️

Did Everyone feel the energy shift this morning? I’ve been completely foggy and felt unbalanced and just kinda out of sorts all week long. Today I woke up with a great reju…

Source: February 26th 🔥”Ring of fire”🔥 burst forward with a New Moon in the water element and creative Pisces !♓️

February 26th 🔥”Ring of fire”🔥 burst forward with a New Moon in the water element and creative Pisces !♓️

Did Everyone feel the energy shift this morning? I’ve been completely foggy and felt unbalanced and just kinda out of sorts all week long. Today I woke up with a great rejuvenating energy and lots of clarity and intuition on what this new moon brings and how the eclipse will play into that!

I was so frustrated with not being able to connect at all this week and now understanding that I was transitioning from highly courageous and push forward and strong Leo and moving into a more indecisive very empathetic, soulful, and heartfelt vibration of the sign Pisces…until the Aries sign comes into play anyway.

This moon we need to set up our intentions. You are going to need a good grounding stone and one for protection of negative emotion. Any obsidian or  hematite (one of my fav for protection) would be great for blocking negative emotion. Your root and heart chakras are what you should want to focus on keeping balanced. Rose quartz is probably the most popular and used predominantly for the heart.

I am atempting to make Moon water for the first time and you can use it as a blessing water, drink it for rejuvenation energy purposes and even use it in your bath water.😁 it’s nothing but the moons intense energy replenishing your spirit.

So in Pisces which is a water sign, (downward triangle shown above) get ready to deal with the emotion and soul searching! Your going to have to brave face some very tough issues within your heart. You are also going to learn that you are in need of grounding yourself to keep stability around you as you drive and push forward. Progress is going to seem stagnate in overall projections of what you want. But we are merely still building at the moment. This process and building of self can’t be skipped. Every aspect has to be dealt with.

Pieces is here to teach us to be learn to be “patient.”As I said in January it’s all about “Perspective” for 2017, which in turn lets us go back to areas where we have made compulsively wrong choices and bad decisions. This is our chance to learn, heal, and grow. Sometimes just sitting being still and acknowledging what is happening can gain you greater insight and save heartache than just reacting and just waiting for the right things to fall in sync with your timing.

Your always gonna have to deal with your heart chakra i talked about earlier as there will be issues when Pisces is hovering. As they are a very empathetic sign. You will need to make adjustments where your heart leads your emotions and set proper boundaries. Also purge any compulsiveness or any OCD behaviors as we may get restlessness when not feeling fulfilled in purpose.

Reprogramming ourselves on rational and stabile minded decisions will be a learning focal point for this new moon. This is a “one year”for us. It’s building year for our next nine year cycle. We are under reconstruction. It’s ok to “let it be”and “let it go”without being afraid of being stagnate or bored. Use this time for creative releases, financial structure and stability in your home and career. Focus on getting other things in balance so that it doesn’t interfere in the bigger picture later on.

With myself for instance. I’ve noticed when things are structured and balanced in my life I feel more peaceful and positive. If I’m positive my output is positive. Put those negative Pisces traits into perspective and do a self assessment of life and purge the bad things that keep you from flowing consistently. Pisces brings needy and intense emotions as well…You could be a energy drain to someone else not even realizing it. Which is where the solar eclipse energies will help us purge and get rid of those things that no longer serve our purpose. Because this is the last of the solar eclipse’s in Pisces for the next few years we will be releasing anything that is not wanting that could carry over. This is the biggest and final step of clearing the way to a happy rebirth of your life. It’s ok to be scared and have anxiety about letting go of the burdens we have carried for so long. This is healing and constructive we are now shifting into light and love and paying that forward through wisdom and knowledge fulfilling our soul purpose as lightworking guides, teachers, warriors and masters. Try to dig deep within to get rid of any unwanted behavior and negatively. Go to the roots of where this might have stemmed from and really heal and channel those circumstances into a positive learning and growing experience.

Remember Self Love is not selfish. It’s imperative to live a happy-soul fulfilled life.